The Rack that handles all your scaffolding needs

Features of The Scaffold Rack


The Scaffold Rack holds 52 frames, that is 420 lineal feet of scaffold.

Cross Braces

While holding the 52 frames of scaffolding you can also store 100 cross braces and 105 lineal feet of safety railing.

Aluminum Planks

Along with the 52 frames, 100 cross braces and safety rail you can also store 46 aluminum planks (3” x 7’).

Easy Loading

Once you have The Scaffold Rack loaded you can load from the side or the end, making loading/unloading at the job site easier.


Everything you need for setup is in one spot when you get to the job site.

the magic

This is where we think The Scaffold Rack really shines! Raise the Scaffold Rack to easily walk off scaffolding. No more up & down!

About Us

We have been in the masonry business, handling scaffolding, for over 30 years. The old way of working with scaffolding was labor intensive and dangerous going down the road. That's why we designed The Scaffold Rack. An entire trailer of scaffolding fits on The Scaffold Rack. Now working with scaffolding is less labor intensive, safer, and leaves room on your trailer for other necessary materials. And now, the benefits we have realized by using The Scaffold Rack are now also available to you!


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